Decision Workshops

I understand the story

What's special or unique about Decision Workshops?

There are five main reasons why Decision Workshops is unique.....


I work appropriately

I don’t assume that the solution to the problem will always involve co-operation with the other party, or that it will always involve conflict.  I see which method is appropriate in the situation

I structure….

Using the process of Dilemma Analysis

All disputes have a structure that derives from the yes/no options the people involved can take.  Knowing this underlying structure enables a full understanding of the dispute.


For clients with a logical mind, drawing up and structuring the dispute in concrete, rather than emotional terms gives clarity and understanding.  From examining this structure, the dilemmas can be calculated, and strategies to eliminate them developed.


Our unique software package Dilemma Explorer helps make this process, faster, easier and better.

I rehearse and refine …..

Decision Workshops does not just offer a way to a well formulated strategy.  It rehearses, refines and (usually) changes it using interactive role playing.   This process allows us to forecast and understand how others will react.

The story that each side is telling about the other is fundimental in getting to an agreement.and understanding of how the others will behave.  Decision Worshops uses six archetypecial stories

I look at the history

Knowing the past history of events can lead to a much better understanding of the potential actions of the parties.  History also leads to ideas of revenge and gratitude that can shape dilemmmas.

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