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How could the government of Bahrain deal with the opposition media printing distorted stories.  


Is censorship the answer?


Or is there something else that can be done?

How could the government of Bahrain work with the opposition to deal with the political divisions that threaten to split the country?


What do both sides want?


Is there a way forward that will avoid the extremists getting into power?


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Videos prepaired for the government of Bahrain

An introduction to Dilemma Analysis 1:

The Trust Dilemma - Iran Israel and the USA

An introductory video, illustrating the trust dilemma that Israel and the USA have with Iran. Iran says it is not building nuclear weapons, but Israel and the USA think that Iran is lying and disbelieve it.

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Video showing output of Decision Workshop at Cranfield university on the situation in Bahrain.


Report from a confrontation alysysis workshop held on 9th July 2013 looking at the political situation in Bahrain, and how the government can deal with the

Sunni / Shia divide, and the relationship with the Western Media

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Analysis of the situation in Syria in August 2013

At the end of August 2013 there was a chemical strike in Damascus killing hundreds of people. The US and its allies stated that they had evidence that the Syrian Government had ordered the attacks, the Russian government was not sure.  What light could Dilemma Analysis throw on the situation ?

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1) August 2013: Looking at the origin of the Syrian conflict and how Dilemma Analysis can be used to understand what happened, and perhaps suggest what could have happened. (12 mins)

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2) Kerry's remark.  A look at when John Kerry made that throw-away remark. "I won't attack Syria if Assad gets rid of all his chemical weapons" (3 mins)

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Download a single .pdf file with the contents and script of all eight videos

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3) What could possibly go wrong?  In the light of the deals we look at how the different parties maintained the trust needed (4 mins)

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4) Actions of the Rebels.  How did the rebels respond to the news that Assad was going to get rid of the weapons that had just killed their children? Why ? (3 mins)

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5) Changes to the US and Russian Narratives.  As things developed and the UN inspection report arrived, how did the Russians react and why? (3 mins)

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ISTEAMS report HRW report UN report

Reports mentioned in the videos (pdf)

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6) Changes to Assad's Narrative. Assad's supporters challenge the West's narrative.  Were the victims Alawite children that had been kidnapped a month before the attack? (4 mins)

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7) What should we have done?  The opportunity we in the West missed and the consequences of doing so (3 mins)

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8) Benefits of using Dilemma Analysis.  How Dilemma Analysis helped us understand this problem and how it could help in others

(2 mins)

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