Decision Workshops


None of these parties is entirely united.  It is nearly always true that in any conflict each party is itself a bickering group of sub-parties.  It would be possible to do a workshop on the internal politics within any of the parties described here. However when faced by an external threat people will close ranks and present a united front against that threat.  It is the top level confrontation between these groups that we chose to concentrate in the workshop.  However, because in the symposium there was more than one person in each team it was possible to represent such in-fighting in a small way.  This was done by giving each player a secret objective; this was usually expressed in terms of slightly different values for a particular card.


The International Community

Do the parties act in united manner ?

We divided the protagonists in the Libya conflict into five basic parties, each assigned an arbitary colour for convenience.  Click on the button on the right for a description of that party

The National Transitional Council

Tripoli Citizens

The Berbers

Control and Loyalty:

The map below shows the Loyalty of the citizens of Libya.  About 10% of the Population lives in the Fezzan (Gaddafi Loyalty): about 10% in the Nafusa (Berber Loyalty): about 30% in Cyrenacia (NTC Loyalty) and about 50% in Tripolitania (Tripoli Loyalty)

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