Decision Workshops

The politics

There were many cards played on the day representing the complex political situation at the time.  To help with the understanding we divided the politics into a number of facets, each of which is shown below. Click for more details.

The fate of Gaddafi

Which personalities are on the NTC? How much power do they have? Which parts of the country are represented?

Can Gaddafi be persuaded to leave the country? Can he persuade the NCT into a cease-fire?


Policies of the NTC

What will be the future role of religion in the new Libyan State?

How will the NTC manage the new Libya? What political commitments will it make? How do we ensure trust?

Rebel progress

Are the rebels able to make military progress? How can we break the deadlock? Will Tripoli revolt?

Foreign intervention

Will intervention by the International Community (eg NATO) continue? What other military options would be available to break the stalemate?

fate NTC pol rebel progress intervention religion

NTC membership

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