Decision Workshops

The moves

The heart of the workshop was the structured debates where the participants, each taking the role of one of the protagonists, attempted to negotiate the best possible deal.  


This role play helped show the kind of negotiations and disputes that will come up. Real life cannot be expected to be a blow-by-blow repeat of the role play, but it is often a good paraphrase of it, with few surprises to those who took part.


These were the moves:

The fate of Gaddafi:

Internal exile in exchange for a withdrawl from Tripoli and cease-fire.

Gaddafi was not obliged to leave the country. Instead he withdrew from Tripoli under a cease fire and consolidated in his heartland where he was still popular.

The fall of Tripoli:

Tripoli falls without a fight

Gaddafi's forces having withdrawn from Tripoli, the citzens take over, and the Berbers, NTC and later the UN enter without fighting

NTC policies:

Staying in control until the next election

The NTC stays  in control of the country until the next elections, making deals with the Europeans, despite some attempts to curtail its power.

NTC personalities

Additional representation and power struggle within

How in-fighting within the NTC pans out.  The NTC restructures and allows a more democratic representation, but does it go far enough?

Berber Progress

Occupation of Zuwarah,

Berber forces move into and capture the empty town of Zuwarah. Can they re-establish themselves?

Map Libya at Start

Map at start

Map Libya at End

Map at end

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