Decision Workshops


As is often the case, religion plays a major part in the politics of the Middle East.  In particular, there is a debate as to how much political power should be given to the Mullahs.  


The intellectual and middle classes are aware of the dangers of too much power being in the hands of the religious authorities and are trying to get a distinct seperation of political and religious matters. Technically this is called a "Secular state".  However, the use of the word "Secular" can be misinterpretad as "athiest" so it is unlikely that the exact word will appear in a constitution, Instead a euphamism "seperation of mosque and state" may be used to mean much the same thing.


A very similar thing occurs at the other end the words "Sharia Law" are unacceptable to many so the euphamism "according to Islamic principles" may be used instead.


Too much religion will alienate the west, too little will alienate the Saudis.  This issue is often forgotten during a war, but surfaces afterwards.


These cards represent what is in the constitution of the new Libya. Only one card can be turned up at a time.

No change in workshop...

Note that these cards were not challenged in the workshop, The problem is that the people who care a lot about it (the Tripoli Citizens) do not have the power to change things as they own no cards.