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Rebel progress

There are two things to consider with this card set:


Firstly, The people of Tripoli would like to revolt against Gaddafi. However, he has filled Tripoli with soldiers and security forces that will suppress any protest violently (and also make it harder for them to be targeted by NATO airstrikes).  Tripoli therefore will not revolt, despite everyone wanting them to.

Secondly there are cards representing rebel military progress by the Berbers and the NTC.  There is a problem with these, in that although willing to do these the participants are not able to do so, hence the "How" cards.  To make it viable to turn these cards over then Gaddafi has to believe that it is possible for these things to to happen. As with things that people may have been unwilling to do (see NTC policies), is a form of trust dilemma.


The Berbers are keen an capturing the coastal town of Zuwarah as that will give them access to the sea and make a Berber homeland more of a reality.

Map Libya at Start

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rebel progress