Decision Workshops

Tripoli Citizens


This party represents the citizens of Tripoli, the intellectual middle classes and Libyan expatriates (50% of the population).  They had hoped for a quick, almost bloodless, revolution to topple Gaddafi and bring true freedom and democracy and modernization to Libya. Instead they have been the people to suffer the most from the war. Food and medicine are getting scarce, and Tripoli is being bombed by NATO.  Now they are weary of the war and distrustful that it will produce the outcome they want..  


They also fear that the Transitional National Council is nothing except ex Gaddafi politicians, and that it will lead to government from Benghazi, (as it did under King Idris), There are calls for an uprising in Tripoli but fears that Gaddafi will crush any rebellion as Tripoli is full of his security forces.  They do not trust the rebel forces from the east to follow the laws of war. They are trying to gain political support, and to set up their own political entities (such as the Libyan Freedom and Democracy Campaign)


The International Community

The National Transitional Council

The Berbers

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