Decision Workshops

NTC policies

Many of the (perhaps controversial) policies of the NTC went unchallenged during the workshop,  This was because most attention was focussed on dealing with the military problems and Gaddafi.


However a couple of interesting events occurred in the workshop.


Firstly, the Tripoli Citizens tried to convince the NTC to hand over power to the UN in a similar way to the way Libya was run after World War 2 by the Adriaan Pelt commission.  This argument, although supported by the Tripoli Citizens, did not gain much traction with the NTC, who believed that they had the knowledge experience and expertise to run Libya.


The move was rejected. Tripoli did not remove its problem. This illustrates the difficulty the Tripoli Citizens have as they have are powerless with respect to the NTC (the NTC has no Persuasion or Trust dilemmas with them).


Secondly, many of the European Nations offered to support the reconstruction and development of Libya in exchange for favourable contracts.  These contracts, being let on the authority of the NTC gave the NTC legitimacy as the de facto rulers of Libya.


Even though probably good for Libya by themselves, they all serve to make the council more permanent.

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