Decision Workshops

Berber Progress

During the workshop the people role-playing the Berbers were able to argue that they would be successful militarily and become able to Capture Zuwarah (thus removing the "How" card).  


They argued that with the withdrawal of Gaddafi's forces from the Tripoli area to the Fezzan they would be able to capture and hold it with relatively little fighting, as any forces loyal to Gaddafi would have fled to Sirte earlier.  At the time of the workshop Zuwarah was a ghost town, but is was argued that with Gaddafi removed people who had fled to Tunisia would start to return.  It was argued that as Zuwarah was captured by the Berbers, it would in future be more culturally Berber.


The Berbers were thus able to argue the existence of the "Capture Zuwarah" card and the new "Berbers return" card.


Both cards were played.

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