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Case studies:

how Decision Workshops helped

Here are some case studies showing ways that Decision Workshops has helped customers.

Help to individuals:



Pamela found her increasingly hectic lifestyle was getting her down....

How we helped Pamela

Understanding how nations behave

Why was there a war in Libya, but not in Egypt?


Why, at the start of the Arab Spring in 2011, was there a war in Libya, but not Egypt ? See Decision Workshops' analysis.

Egypt / Libya

Help to businesses

How a letting agent used Decision Workshops to increase their sales

Renting using a letting agency

How we helped the agency

What will the future of Libya be?


See a detailed analysis of a workshop run in association with Cranfield University in July 2011.

The future of Libya

Legal Hat Trick


See feedback from the the wife, the husband and the Lawyer when Decision Workshops helped with a divorce situation.

Legal hat trick

and a second workshop in October 2011 looking at the Libyan end game

Libya - the end game

Understanding the politics behind a Greek exit of the Euro

Decision Workshops examied the Euro Crisis in November 2011

The Euro: a Greek exit?

Financial Analysis

The Euro Crisis: Who'll help?

Decision Workshops reexamied the Euro Crisis in J'anuary 2013, this time it examined if countries outside the Euro would contribute to refinancing to prevent an Italian exit of the Euro,

The Euro: who'll help?

Can Financial reform be made to happen?

In this study Decision Workshops used Stakeholder Analysis, and Dilemma Analysis to examine the difficulties involved in getting a new idea accepted into the financial world: Confidence Accounting

Financial reform

Iran, Israel and Nuclear Weapons


See the workshops run in April 2012 looking at the confrontation between Iran, Isreal, the United States and the Gulf states over the Iranian production of Nuclear Weapons

Iran and Israel